SilverLining Episode 46: Securing Small & Medium businesses

Episode 46 February 09, 2022 00:27:40
SilverLining Episode 46: Securing Small & Medium businesses
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SilverLining Episode 46: Securing Small & Medium businesses

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Moshe Ferber Ariel Munafo

Show Notes

Guest: Alex Peleg

Guest title: Co-founder and CVO at Cynergy

Language: English



Small and medium businesses are currently the most vulnerable sector in the market. They don’t have the knowledge and awareness to secure their own operations, and security vendors and IT services companies often neglect this sector.

In this episode we spoke with Alex Peleg, CVO at Cynergy, on the challenges of securing SMB and how regulators, Security vendors and the security community should bridge the gap of knowledge and awareness in the SMB market.


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