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The podcast for Security Architecture Hosted by Moshe Ferber and Ariel Munafo. The world of software development has changed rapidly in the last years due to various factors – Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, CI/CD & DevOps – they all changed the way we build new applications. Young startups today got access to enterprise-grade infrastructure enabling them to produce scalable, robust applications faster and cheaper. But as companies innovate faster, security challenges arise. The security community has not mastered yet the full art of developing software fast, at scale, and secure and variety of companies still struggle to found the right foundation for their security posture. SilverLining podcast was created to help you do just that – find the right combination of people, processes, and technologies to build more secure and reliable services. We will focus on the latest development in infrastructure and software development and talk with people who mastered how to secure those. In each episode, we will host an expert for discussion on the security aspects of new technologies and provide insights, best practices, and knowledge in creating more secure software architecture.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 7: Creating Trust in Cloud

    Creating trust is one of the major challenges for cloud providers and consumers. without trust customers will not be able to move workloads into cloud environments, but trust is a very elusive term that is hard to achieve. In this episode we talk with Damir Savanović from the Cloud Security ...


  2. Episode 6: The Cloud Octagon Model Framework for Cloud Adoption

    The Cloud Octagon Model is a new framework for cloud adoption (mostly SaaS adoption). The model was designed in cooperation between ABN-Amro and the Cloud Security Alliance and assists organizations to identify, represent, and assess risks in the context of their cloud implementation across multiple factors by introducing a logical ...


  3. Episode 5: Guard Rails and Not gates – How R&D and Security Should Co-Exist Audio Player

    One of the biggest challenges facing software companies is how to make sure security policy is enforced across the development cycle without holding R&D ability to innovate. In this episode, Guy Flechter from Appsflyer, will elaborate on the way he is providing R&D guidelines and support while keeping them ...


  4. Episode 4: Kubernetes on Steroids

    In this podcast, we talk with Demi Ben Ari, Founder and R&D at Panorays, A saas company that deployed K8 as infrastructure for a fleet of scanners and crawlers. Demi will share his experience with the platform and steps he took in order to utilize most benefits from K8s. ...


  5. Episode 3: Cloud Configuration Pitfalls

    Over 90% of IaaS/PaaS security incidents happen on consumer fault. Cloud platforms are complicated, with a steep learning curve and it is easy to make mistakes. In this podcast, we talk with Evgeny Zislis, CTO for ProdOPS about the common IaaS/PaaS security mistakes and misconfigurations, categorize them and talk about measures ...