Episode 15: Challenges Of Selecting SaaS Providers

Episode 15 January 28, 2020 00:38:46
Episode 15: Challenges Of Selecting SaaS Providers
SilverLining IL
Episode 15: Challenges Of Selecting SaaS Providers

Jan 28 2020 | 00:38:46


Hosted By

Moshe Ferber Ariel Munafo

Show Notes


Guest: Tal Arad

Guest title: Former CISO

Company: CEVA logistics


Consuming SaaS from various vendors can be a challenging task, the first challenge is to distinguish who are the mature providers that you can trust your data with, and the second challenge is auditing them and their services. In this episode we talk with Tal Arad, former CISO of CEVA logistics about the challenges of selecting SaaS providers and how to auditing them wisely.


0:35 introducing our guest

02:30 Introducing Ceva Logistics and the CISO challenges

5:55 How to get started in as a new CISO 

9:20 Challenges with SaaS providers - distinguishing between mature and immature


16:15 tips for selecting SaaS providers

22:30 what happens when something happens and choosing providers carefully

24:50 Tips for managing ongoing relationships with SaaS providers

34:27 Summary and final words

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