Episode 2: Security Challenges Of Moving From Monolith To Micro-Services

Episode 2 April 22, 2019 00:33:27
Episode 2: Security Challenges Of Moving From Monolith To Micro-Services
SilverLining IL
Episode 2: Security Challenges Of Moving From Monolith To Micro-Services

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Moshe Ferber Ariel Munafo

Show Notes


Guest: Yuval Reut, 

Guest title:  CIO & CISO 

Company:  Riskified 

Micro-services can bring enormous benefits into the organizations – giving flexibility and driving innovation. But Micro-services are also challenging from a security point of view. In this podcast, Yuval Reut, CIO & CISO for Riskified, will share his experience of moving an entire monolith application to a group of integrated micro services.


0:00 – 3:39 - intro and learning about Riskified

3:39 - 9:55 - CISO & CIO positions at SaaS startups

9:55 - 12:20 - moving from Monolith to Microservices – reasons for the move.

12:20 - 19:30 - technology challenges when moving to Micro services

19:30 - 25:00 - People challenges when moving to Micro services

25:00 – 29:35 - Process challenges when moving to Micro services       

29.40 – 33:00 - Summary and conclusions

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