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Episode 24: Putting The Sec Into DevOps

SilverLining IL
Episode 24: Putting The Sec Into DevOps


Guest: Dima Revelis

Guest title: Senior Devops engineer

Company: MoonActive


DevsecOps is accelerating fast as the new buzzword for modern information security practices. In this episode we use the expertise of Dima Revelis in order to dive deep into understanding DevOps practices, what is CI/ CD pipeline and which security tools are relevant for all of those new practices.


0:00 - Introducing our guest

2:50 - What is devops

7:50 - What is deployment pipeline

14:20 - What is CI and which security testing can be implemented

17:20 - What is CD and which security consideration 

18:40 - Dive deeper into security testing - QA, code review, static & dynamic   analysis

20:45 - So much automation, do we still need manual testing? 

22:30 - Additional security aspects: using Jenkins, authentication and authorization, secret management

26:40 - Availability considerations and disaster recovery

33:30 - Summary and final words

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