Episode 35: Compliance Automation and Zero Trust Containers

Episode 35 February 24, 2021 00:33:05
Episode 35: Compliance Automation and Zero Trust Containers
SilverLining IL
Episode 35: Compliance Automation and Zero Trust Containers

Feb 24 2021 | 00:33:05


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Moshe Ferber Ariel Munafo

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Guest: Malgorzata (Gosia) Steinder
Guest title: CTO of Hybrid Cloud Research. IBM research
Topic: Compliance automation and zero trust containers



Continuous monitoring, containers, zero trust, confidential computing - those are all examples of technologies that will be the main focus in the upcoming years. In this episode, we hosted Malgorzata (Gosia) Steinder, CTO of Hybrid Cloud Research at IBM, who provided her vision on how all those technologies mentioned above, should be integrated into highly secure applications deployments.





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