SilverLining Episode 59: Understanding the six pillars of DevSecops

Episode 59 May 30, 2023 00:32:40
SilverLining Episode 59: Understanding the six pillars of DevSecops
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SilverLining Episode 59: Understanding the six pillars of DevSecops

May 30 2023 | 00:32:40


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Moshe Ferber Ariel Munafo

Show Notes

Guest: Sam Sehgal, Co-Chair for the CSA DevSecOps working group and program Lead - DevSecOps Strategy and Architecture, Dell

Language: English



DevSecOps, the integration of security practices into the DevOps methodology, has become a prominent topic in the field of information security in recent years. This approach emphasizes the collaboration between development, operations, and security teams throughout the software development lifecycle.

In this episode, we had the opportunity to speak with Sam Sehgal, co-chair for the DevSecOps Working Group (WG) at the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). Sam shed light on the six pillars that form the foundation of the DevSecOps methodology and highlighted the vital role played by the WG in driving the integration of security practices within the realms of DevOps and cloud computing.

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