Episode 13: Creating Trust & Awareness

Episode 13 December 31, 2019 00:31:56
Episode 13: Creating Trust & Awareness
SilverLining IL
Episode 13: Creating Trust & Awareness

Dec 31 2019 | 00:31:56


Hosted By

Moshe Ferber Ariel Munafo

Show Notes


Guest: Vladi Sandler

Guest title: Cloud Security team leader

Company: cymotive.com


Gaining trust and developing awareness with customers is one of the hardest challenges for providers. It is almost an art. In this episode we talk with Vladi Sandler from Cymotive about creating healthy relationships with customers and how a mixture of personal awareness and technical proficiency are crucial in the customer-provider relationships.


0:25 introducing our guest

03:30 Introducing Cymotive  

5:55 Cymotive challenges with their market targets

10:10 relevant Security teams for protecting automotive 

11:50 The concepts of car security

13:55 Challenges when creating trust - The people angle

17:48 Challenges when creating trust - The process angle

22:00 Challenges when creating trust - The technology angle

27:50 Summary and final words

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