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Episode 18: Testing Cloud Application

Episode 18: Testing Cloud Application
SilverLining IL
Episode 18: Testing Cloud Application


Guest: Bar Hofesh

Guest Title:  Co-Founder

Company:  Neurolegion


Application security is among the hardest things to get right. In this episode we are talking with Bar Hofesh from Neurolegion about the world of automated security testing - what are the challenges, what are the different stages of integration and delivery and how to perform each stage correctly.


0:50 - introducing our guest

2:58 - the need to automate security testing - the challenge of developing faster

7:15 - so what is testing automation - describing the process - the code  integration stage

13:50  - security testing the packing and delivery stage

18:50 - testing live application stage

20:20 - appsec finding strategy - what do when found an alert

22:20 - Static analysis vs. dynamic analysis

24:58 - emerging technologies - RASP, IAST

30:50 - Is there still room for manual penetration testing?

34:05 - summary and last words

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