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Episode 26: Current Challenges With Cloud

Episode 26: Current Challenges With Cloud
SilverLining IL
Episode 26: Current Challenges With Cloud

This is a special episode where both of us (Moshe & Ariel – no guests this time) discuss the future of cloud computing and challenges that should be solved. We take a detailed look at shortage in manpower and knowledge, privacy laws and their influence on innovation and technology challenges such as multi tenancy, APi’s, encryption, continuous monitoring and more.


Opening words  - 5 min 

  1. introducing the podcast  - Moshe / Ariel 
  2. Introducing our guest - Ariel
  3. Introducing myself - Moshe
  4. Introducing the topic and context of the podcast - Moshe 

Security challenges  


    • Shortage in manpower:  There are missing jobs for cyber professional and especially application security
    • Shortage in knowledge: security professional lag behind learning new technologies


    • Malicious insider - one of the biggest challenges for cloud providers
    • Shared responsibility model collapsing
    • Privacy laws are creating islands of data - Privacy laws are limiting the transfer of data
    • Jurisdiction, Court orders and government access to data - as cloud provider host more data - they are a target for more & more government interest


    • API security best practices - there will be more & more API’s, we did not master how to protect them
    • Encryption and key management - the holy grail for holding your own encryption keys is fading
    • Multi tenancy - we don't have clear practices on building multi tenant applications
    • Identity based access controls - network access controls are useless in cloud computing, but our ability to create granular access controls based on identity is not mature yet 
    • Multi tenancy 
    • Continuous monitoring
    • Automation and devops - Security automation is still maturing. We still don't know how to integrate developers and operation without breaking best practices
    • Using the wrong tools 

Closure (5 min)

  1. Moshe - Summersing 
  2. Ariel - closing 

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