Episode 27: Protecting Your Cloud Data With Legal Controls

Episode 27 October 14, 2020 00:40:46
Episode 27: Protecting Your Cloud Data With Legal Controls
SilverLining IL
Episode 27: Protecting Your Cloud Data With Legal Controls

Hosted By

Moshe Ferber Ariel Munafo

Show Notes


Guest: Dalit Ben Israel

Guest title: Partner, head of IT & Data protection practice

Company: Naschitz Brandes Amir

 In the cloud era, the information security officer's new best friends are the lawyers in the legal department.   Legal matters such as cross border data transfers, contractual controls and privacy laws becoming critical in cloud migrations. In this episode we talk with Dalit Ben Israel, Partner at NBlaw, about the legal challenges of cloud computing: cross border transfers, the rise of privacy laws and proper contract management and monitoring. 


0:00 - Opening

2:03 - Introduction of our guest

4:95 - Considerations of data center location and the effect of the Schrems2 judgement invalidating the Privacy shield

12:50 - The roles and responsibilities of cloud providers and customers 

15:27 - Choosing cloud providers - why do we need lawyers in the process and the obligation to enter into DPAs

20:00 - Specific challenges with SaaS and agreements with subprocessors

22:12 – Negotiating cloud contracts - what are the challenges? minimizing risks.

30:32 - Dispute resolution and venue of jurisdiction

33:24 - Ongoing contract monitoring

36:10 - Summary

 Connect with Dalit here:

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.nblaw.com

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