SilverLining Episode 47: Understanding Service Mesh Technologies

Episode 47 February 23, 2022 00:30:24
SilverLining Episode 47: Understanding Service Mesh Technologies
SilverLining IL
SilverLining Episode 47: Understanding Service Mesh Technologies

Hosted By

Moshe Ferber Ariel Munafo

Show Notes

Guest: Oren Penso

Guest title: Senior Product Line Manager, VMware

Language: English



As k8’s adoption grows and flourish, organizations are starting to ask themselves how they should manage the complex network settings inside K8’s.

Services mesh is a technology that adds a layer of networking & security capabilities on top of traditional K8’s environment.

In this episode we discuss service mesh technology, its past and its future with Oren Penso, Senior product line manager in VMware and he provided us with interesting insights on the future on networking & microservices architecture.

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