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Episode 19: Understanding Cloud Attack Vectors

SilverLining IL
Episode 19: Understanding Cloud Attack Vectors


Guest: Or Kamara

Guest Title:  Senior team lead 

Company:  Synk


Cloud computing can bring interesting and new attack vectors. In this episode, we talk with Or Kamara, Senior team lead at Synk, about the Capital-one hacking and what can be learned from the event in order to better protect our networks. We will analyze the attack step by step and add mitigating controls that can help in preventing the next attack.


0:35 Introducing our guest

4:10 introducing the story the capital one hack 

5:45 The phases of the Capital One hack

7:50 The first misconfiguration - servers exposed to the internet unintentionally

11:05 the SSRF vulnerability and understanding meta-data service

19:38 Using API keys for browsing S3 and how to mitigate it

26:00 things that Capital One did right and additional insights

28:00 how should developers and IT 

30:50 shifting from traditional security to new cloud security mindset

36:00 summary and final words

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